Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Year

Well...we're into yet another New Year.

It's a little scary that they are all flying by so fast. I guess that comes with getting older. Not that I am yet ready for Social Security...but it's not that far away now...(really..where did the time go?)

I've turned some of my original art into bookmarks and they are new in my shop
this year.
I've also begun doing more commissioned paintings this year...yay!

Jaime and Mike are just busy, busy, busy...doing lots of painting...custom pieces...trying to stay one step ahead of the packing and shipping.

Patrick has turned his artistic endeavors from canvas and getting a degree in film and theatre. He's been in a couple of plays, is busy doing all things 'theatre related'...whilst still taking the other courses Psychology, Geology, etc.

All in all...we're all on similar but different paths...staying busy...pretty happy with life in general.