Friday, February 13, 2009

So-Oh Gallery is Closing

We received word a few days ago that So-Oh Gallery, the local gallery that represents all of the ZOA Group artists, is closing at the end of this month.
In spite of the investment value of original art, our depressed economy is taking it's toll on the smaller galleries, like So-Oh. That really is too bad.
We will miss our local gallery representation, but as busy as we are online, I suppose the only ones who will really be affected, will be local collectors.
We often receive requests from local collectors to come directly to our homes and studios to purchase art. While we have only done this on occasion, we've haven't made this an option for quite some time.
It is very difficult to open our homes and studios to collectors, as this is where we live and, once the So-Oh Gallery has closed...all of the art by group artists will only be available for online purchases only.