Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saying Goodbye to 2008

As we prepare to bid adieu to 2008, I wanted to let folks know what is going on with each of the artists in our original Zatloukal Original Artists Group.
We're no longer one big group, but most of us are still working artists, in our own way.
As you probably know, Patrick E. Zatloukal (PEZ Art) passed away June 18, 2006.
I did offer a couple Limited Edition prints in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop this past spring for a few months.
In 2009, I will be offering a larger number of prints, cards and assorted merchandise, in the PEZ Art Zazzle Shop, for anyone who is interested.
I (Charlene) have a number of shops online. CMZ Art and Rustic Goth on Etsy for fine art prints and original paintings.
CMZ Art, Tuscan Art and Rustic Goth on Zazzle for cards, mugs, magnets and all other assorted merchandise.
Jaime is staying busy with her two Etsy Shops, Best Art Studios and Bellatrix Art.
Patrick A. has recently opened his Etsy Shop, Contemporary Designs.
Mike is at Best Art Studios 2.

Becky has begun doing more with photography. Hopefully we will see some of her wonderful work in Etsy or on Zazzle one day soon.

Wendy got a big promotion at her place of work and has given up doing art at this time.

That wraps up what we are all doing with our art, as of year end 2008. We'll just have to see what 2009 brings...and I'll do better at posting on a more regular basis.