Saturday, March 08, 2008

I would like to 'network' with other artisans.

I think there are a lot of artisans out there, much like myself, who are trying to 'swim upstream' all by themselves.

After watching 'The Celebrity Apprentice' it 'came to me'....that I do have friends and family members who would come to an art gallery if I asked them. Buying very high priced artwork might be another thing altogether.

One team had members who had the 'connections' with their friends and acquaintances to bring in over $160,000 in sales.
The other team...would have been more like my friends and family members (who are the best people in the world I might add) brought in just over $7000.

This is how I view 'making it' in online art sales. If you have the 'connections' who have their connections...and so might be a bit easier to get yourself 'out there' and make the sales. If you are asking friends and family to help...they really do all they can...but, it doesn't make the impact you are looking for. do we make the 'connections' teaming up and networking with one another. I might not be able to 'move this huge rock' by myself...but if I am part of a team or network..we'd be able to do it 'together'.