Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doing the ART FEATURE on ETSY-- Monday and Tuesday

I love that I have found a new 'start' on Etsy. Yes, I could have continued the way I was going on eBay...I don't think so!

It had just become too grueling on eBay..trying to put enough items on to pay for everything. It felt like I was constantly working, without a day off.

Now, I work, pretty much at my leisure. I even had time to put up my Christmas tree. Well, I didn't actually put it up....Jaime did. But, she likes doing that sort of thing a little more than I do. I do like that it is up though. That little corner of my dining room is just so cozy and festive looking.

I had her take a picture of one of my egg ornaments. We did the 'farm animal series' the last year that we did eggs (2003)---I thought they were so cute...and very good sellers...that we did a few for our tree.

Be sure to check us out on ETSY...the direct links are at the bottom of this blog.

Jaime's (BellatrixArt Shop) and my (CMZ Art) shop are doing art feature on Monday...and I am doing art feature with my (Rustic Goth shop) on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Couple of New Pieces...

Here are a couple of my newest pieces...Aria and Malcolm.
The first piece is entitled 'Oops'...the second piece is 'Malcolm's Bluebird'.
I listed them tonight and they are already gone...thanks Tina!
I will be listing Limited Edition ACEO prints of these two precious pieces in my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop. I'll do 25 prints of each piece and that will be it.
Watch for more of these precious little folks as I plan to do a lot of these cute little characters. I'm toying with the notion of calling this series, "Bug's Ear" know the saying...'cute as a bug's ear'...some how it just fits!
I've got a couple more series 'up my sleeve' stay tuned for those pieces coming soon!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am looking forward to doing some fresh new pieces..

I like these little pieces...not great sellers for me though. I am looking forward to doing some fresh and fun pieces over the course of the next few weeks. I want to simplify as much as possible.
For one...taking care of a four year old and a two year old..Monday through quite a challenge for someone whose youngest child is twenty five...and I raised six of my own.
These are my youngest grandbabies and they are precious! They can also be a handful...luckily, I have Jaime to help me and she is just GREAT!!! She does do a lot of the 'sitting'...bless her heart.
We now know the tunes that go along to Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train (including some of the sing along videos), Calliou (what an unusual name for a little boy).....and we have learned words in Spanish, Swahli (sic), and Mandarin---on Noddy. We ARE getting an education!!! point being...even though I stay up until the crack of dawn...I do take Sundays off of painting..(I usually catch up on a lot of computer work on Sundays...but they are also 'family days'...I fix dinner and the family come over to enjoy it!)...I don't have quite as much time for my art as I used I've got to make every moment count. For this reason...I need to least until after the holiday season is over!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Identifying the ZOA Group Artists on other sites

I am both, CMZart and Rustic Goth on Etsy. ask?

My reasoning for both shops is that I felt the collectors of my 'dark, sad, surreal, macabre' art would not care for some of my 'happy, cute, abstract, Tuscan, etc' art and vice versa.
After losing the 'love of my life' a little over a year ago...I have been mostly sad. I cared not to paint anything hopeful or happy because, I didn't feel hopeful or happy.
And, though most of the art I have done since then has been very sad and surreal, I try very hard to find some happy and fun times as often as possible. When I find them, I paint them.
Maybe the 'separation' of the art is something I need to do for myself...I'm not yet sure.
For now, I will keep them separate...just know that I am one artist..with many dimensions.

Jaime Zatloukal Best is also painting under the 'brush' name of Bellatrix, for similar reasons...perhaps she considered my reasoning for listing different genres separately, perhaps she had different reasons.
Certainly, we thought it might help us 'break out of the rut' of painting the 'same thing over and over and over' again...because we knew it would sell on eBay. When painting began to 'feel like a job we really didn't want to go to'...we knew we needed to 'shake things up a bit' we decided to try different persona to see what would happen.
As it turned out...we loved the 'other artists' we had found inside...and it also brought some excitement back to doing some of our original pieces.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Check out our new sites...

The artists of our group were with the X Gallery art group for a short while and it turns out that what we actually needed was to all be out on our own. The group dynamic was okay for listing purposes, certainly we were more visible, as part of a group of eBay, for a while. Problem was, if one of the other artists didn't keep up on their obligations, it did affect the whole group...even those of us who were doing great.

So, it became apparent that while it might help with visibility, in the long run, being part of a non-family group just didn't work.

So, I have included a few links at the bottom of my blog, to places you can now find some original art, and prints, from a couple of the artists from the ZOA group. (Some of the artists are currently on 'hiatus')

Saturday, November 03, 2007

ZOA Group...going our separate ways!

After three somewhat successful years, the artists of the ZOA Group are going our separate 'ways'.

We are still a 'group' for all intents and purposes....we will just be offering our art on separate sites and venues. We will occasionally do shows, etc. as a group...but, with the tremendous growth of each of our artists, it is now time to pursue our solo endeavors.

Charlene has just opened a new site on ETSY.COM and will be listing originals, prints, and ACEO's over the course of the next week or so.

Here is a direct link to her site..

Merchandise and prints of her artwork is also still available at:

Cafe Press
All Posters.Com
Artists Rising.Com
and other online venues...links can be found at

We will list sites for all other artists as soon as they are up and operational.

Friday, November 02, 2007