Monday, September 03, 2007

I've Added A 'Map'

I ran across this map...while visiting some other sites on Zazzle.Com. I have my Tuscan Art shop do each of the other artists. I am finding modest success, mostly through sales of mugs and magnets, featuring some of my Tuscan Artwork I have done these past few years.
Anyway..I ran across this map in one of my fan's site and decided to try to do one for myself. It seemed great I thought I'd give it a go:)

Jaime Zatloukal Best--Art on You Tube

Where Did the Summer Go.....?

Oh my's hard to believe I haven't posted anything since June...where did the summer go?

I guess we've been pretty busy...just trying to keep things going. Since eBay just got too expensive to keep up on our own...even with the good sales we've had...we decided to make some changes. We're doing more, for less output, on various sites....Cafe Press...Zazzle...our website...just to name a few.

We lost one of our vehicles...someone ran into Mike B. while he was stopped for a Metro Bus...totaled the car and he's still having treatments for a back injury...what a bummer!

A couple of the artists decided to supplement summer income..what with dismal summer sales...and now that summer is about over...we'll gear up for fall and winter.

I want to post Jaime's You Tube video in my next is very cool!