Friday, April 20, 2007

Maybe Next Year.....

Every year I wait later and later before I start gathering everything I will need in order to do my taxes. This year, I was saved by two extra days to file....
Bookwork used to be something I enjoyed doing...not so much anymore. I used to have dear husband would do the monthly books, keep track of the receipts...etc..etc..
He did the first quarter books this past year, but then the cancer had progressed too far for him to do anything past March. It was something he really enjoyed doing..and I really appreciated all that he did to make my job (of doing the taxes) so much easier.
I've been feeling a little down this past week....I suppose it might have something to do with doing the books all by myself..the first time in thirty five years.
Anyway...I have decided that I will take a page from my husband's book...and do the books every month..instead of 'every year'. I am behind three months at the moment...but, it will be much easier for me to tackle the first quarter...then turn around and get April done...than to put it off until next April before I get next year I will actually file my tax returns before April 15th, instead of giving myself an ulcer trying to get it all done in time for the deadline.
I thought it fitting that I display the last painting my husband painted and sold...aptly titled "Spring's Promise."
If it promises nothing else...we can be assured that every year, there is the promise of a tax deadline:)