Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuscan Poppy Tote Bag

Available in my Cafe Press Shop....Tuscan Poppy Tote Bag...from the original painting by Charlene Zatloukal.

Love Never Dies..by...Patrick Zatloukal

The Dawning of a New Day...by...Jaime Zatloukal Best

Blue Eye....by....Michael Best

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My ...blogger....doesn't want to work....

...so I won't post any paintings tonight.
I keep trying to post an image...it isn't working. I am frustrated and sad....I am taking a few days off...to attend my father in law's funeral.
He passed away yesterday, January 25th.

So, I don't much feel like 'fighting with my blogger'.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

No art posts tonight...just a recommendation...

If you have not yet seen The Lion King on Broadway...or on stage at a city near you, do yourself a favor and do so.
It is by far the BEST Musical Performance I have ever seen.
The cast and crew were phenominal...the costume designs were brilliant....we all know the story line and yet...it was so much more powerful on stage than you could possibly imagine.
Do yourself a favor in 2007.....see the best performance to hit the stage...EVER...in my opinion!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Featured Artists Again....Also at Gallery 180 in Chicago

Our January opening was such a success that we have been invited to be the featured artists again in February.

We will be the featured artists, at the So-Oh Fine Art Gallery in Lincoln NE, throughout the months of January and February.

Several of the artists of our group were among the few artists selected, from a number of artists participating, to be part of the exhibit at Gallery 180, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago IL..their art will hang in the gallery until the Arts for Aids Auction which will be held on February 15th.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Few Paintings Listed This Week......

Calla Lillies by Charlene Zatloukal

Memories, Shadows and Ghosts...by Jaime Zatloukal Best

Hall of Souls..Soulmates...by Patrick A Zatloukal

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Online Sales 'vs' Galleries

The business of selling original art online is not an easy one.

One has to consider the digital images...most of the time, it is all but impossible to get a decent translation of an original work of art on a digital image. It is difficult to show the textures...the size..the overall real beauty of the piece.

One of the comments I overheard, again and again, at the gallery opening was, "...is this painting still wet?"
No.... the paintings were completely dry, beautifully textured and painted, gorgeous works of art....that just do not translate well through digital imagery. Too bad it doesn't...

which is why it is a good thing we decided to go with 'brick and mortar' galleries this year.

The different techniques used by each artist in our group, are truly original and unique...and we can now share these talents with people who can truly appreciate the very best in original art!

I am so very proud of our group!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

So Many Directions....

I wished our group could feel comfortable with just one source of income... internet sales of our original paintings. That's it...supporting three separate households.
I think for most artists, there are probably some really good weeks..and some really bad weeks........personally, I find that I get a little nervous during the really bad weeks, (like the past 5 or 6). I don't like wondering if our sales have come to an end, if we are going to have to get jobs at the local kwikie mart, if we are ever going to be able to afford canvas and supplies to keep our business going....
And then, our sales pick up and we seem to forget about the bad weeks and life is good again.
I can't speak for the entire group but, I am going to "expand my horizons" this year, so that I can eventually get off of this financial roller coaster ride.
With the group now Gallery Represented, which have already translated into sales, we plan to put our paintings into galleries in other states throughout this year. Our goal is to be into 12 galleries from east coast to west coast by the end of the year.
I also have merchandise in Zazzle and Cafe Press, which have translated into sales. I have prints and posters on Art.Com, also translating into sales.
Yes, I will feel much more comfortable when all of this translates into---making a living! I can hardly wait!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

We are now 'officially' Gallery Represented....

We had the reception for our first gallery show at the So-Oh Fine Art Gallery, as featured artists, this evening. The crowd was impressive and the overall showing went very well. Made a couple of sales and tons of interest and goodwill interaction. (Pics in a later blog.)

We were all very excited and it was fun for all of the members of the group to be able to be at the reception and talk with the people, or as many of them as we could, we came to see our art.

Very promising beginning to this new year, 2007.

I have to meet with the editor of Lincoln 55 later this month, so he can select which of my paintings he would like to run on the cover of the Spring Edition of the magazine.

Next month, the group is participating in the Arts for Aids Auction in Chicago. We have all sent our paintings, now waiting to hear the details we need to know for attending the event.

All in all.....things are looking very good for our group...we expect things to keep getting better.