Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ZOA group now on 'My Space'

Managing a blog for a group of artists has its limitations and we have reached ours. We can only give so much information in a group blog making it difficult, at best, for each artist's individual personality to come through. As a result, the Zatloukal Original Artists have recently opened individual 'My Space' accounts and each artist is currently posting their own blogs.
We will continue to update this blog periodically, with information of interest about the group, but most of our information will be done on the 'My Space' blogs.
A link to each artist's My Space blog will be added at the end of this post.

News of interest about the group:

We are currently exhibiting our paintings at the Dick Blick Lincoln location through the month of October.

December 1st through January 31st, we will be exhibiting our paintings at the Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso in South Lincoln.

In 2007, Charlene will be doing some magazine cover art for Lincoln 55+ magazine.

As a group, we will be offering original paintings in select galleries across the country beginning, 2007.

Artists blog site links. Have a look, there is some good information in many of these blogs! - Charlene's blog - Patrick's blog - Jaime's blog

Monday, October 02, 2006

We've been hijacked!!

Several times every day someone in our group checks our eBay site to answer questions, check sales, etc. We had a question late this afternoon that we were not able to answer right away so, when we were finally able to respond, an hour later, we discovered we could not sign in to our eBay site.
Long story short...we have been hijacked! It took a change of password, and more aggrevation than I have time to note here, to finally get ourselves back onto our site and find out what had happened.
Alerts from eBay indicated that our account had been accessed by an 'unauthorized third party'....
This is most disturbing to me considering that just a week ago I had sent an email to eBay expressing my concern that I had received a message in my eBay messages from MYSELF. I have yet to hear anything from eBay about this.
I accept part of the blame for being 'too trusting' however, it is most distressing that most of the questionable activity I receive, like 'spoof email' and the like, happens late night or on the week-ends when there is no one at eBay to answer the phones.
I am not sure how long it is going to take to find out how this happened and what we will need to do to prevent this kind of thing in the future. If I find out any information worth passing along, I will note it here.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Notes of Interest about ZOA Group

Beginning October 5th, the artists of the Zatloukal Original Art group will be displaying several original paintings at the Dick Blick Lincoln store upon their request. We will get them up in time for the first friday Art Walk.

The months of November and December we will be displaying original paintings for sale at the Meadowlark Coffee Shop in Lincoln.

Charlene will be doing several covers for the Lincoln 55 magazine beginning December.

In 2007 we will be offering giclees and prints of some of our selected pieces. More information on this at a later date.

Several of the artists in the group have begun doing some solo projects. Mike has commissioned comic art paintings with a local comic book store. He has already sold his first piece.

Charlene has a solo blog on My Space, link here.

Several of us now have individual art sites online. As those are refined we will provide links.