Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Place to Vent or Relax?

I consider this blog both, as a place to vent, as well as a place to relax. For one thing, I am not sure anyone except members of our group ever read it, for another, there are times that I just need to get away from all of the things that make up a day in my life, put those things aside and just sit here and figure out what it is that I am going to say this week.
Besides taking my husband to his daily cancer treatments, creating a few pieces of art, maintaining everything that goes with keeping on top of an active online art business, I have also managed, this past week, to get our new website up and active. It still needs a lot of work, and I have a few glitches that I am going to have to figure out, but it is up - and operational. That is good!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Website for Zatloukal Art
We have a new 'official' website for the Zatloukal Original Art Group. I have included a link and we will revise the link that is currently in this blogsite. Our new site address is,

(NOTE:=I have updated our website address.

For a number of years it was, we were not all that happy with the Yahoo webhosting...and the price kept going up.

For the time being, we are using a free site...until we are able to once again purchase our original domain name.)

We were not contacted that our old web host had any problems, but we have not been able to connect to any pages on our site, or any other addresses for the web host, so we assume they are no longer "up and operational."

Speaking of "up and operational", it will be several weeks before we get individual pages for each of the artists, a mini-blog page, etc. but we do have the 'basics' on this new site and we will continue to build on it until it is better than our old site.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for our site, we are always open to your comments.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just a Quick Note....

With the doctor appointments and ongoing treatments, catching up the many paintings we needed to send out, trying to paint a new painting here and there - it seems like we haven't had a moment to rest in a very long time.

So, I took a few days completely off. Just a doctor appointment here, a trip or two to the post office there, a few other errands and trips and I was able to rest, at least from painting anything new.
Sometimes, we just have to put our feet up and say - "maybe, tomorrow."

Monday, October 10, 2005

Artist's quote of the month by Pablo Picasso

"You must always work not just within but below your means. If you can handle three elements, handle only two. If you can handle ten, then handle only five. In that way the ones you do handle, you handle with more ease, more mastery, and you create a feeling of strength in reserve." --Pablo Picasso

I have always worked the opposite of this quote. Now, I think, I should like to try it 'his' way and see what happens.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Latest on Zatloukal Original Art and Patrick E. Zatloukal

It is October already---we are right at 7 days on our shipping--our paintings are lagging a bit--Patrick E's health problems loom over us like a very dark cloud, but we are trying to stay positive and everyone is pitching in to stay on top of everything he has always done---the cleaning, the laundry, the cooking, the packing, the shipping, the shopping and some of the painting! I had no idea how much we all put off on him! And, to top it all off, he held a job until the end of June when his health just crashed!
It does sound like we all took advantage of him, but you would have to know him to know that what he did and what he continues to be able to do daily, is part of who he is. He is still painting, he helps us wrap and package our paintings, he cooks an occasional meal and sometimes feels up to going grocery shopping with me. He wants to do as much as he feels up to now, because he starts chemotherapy on Monday and radiation treatments on Tuesday of this next week. He doesn't like to 'sit around' - so I am hoping that the treatments are bearable and he is able to continue to do what he feels up to.
In the meantime, we will keep on going as we have ---- one day at a time!