Thursday, December 29, 2005

As 2005 Comes To A Close....

2005 was a banner year on eBay for the Zatloukal Original Art Group.

Over 500 original paintings were sold and shipped to corporate and private collections all over the US and Canada. We also made sales to a number of European countries, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
We achieved the levels of Power Seller and Silver Power Seller with 100% positive feedback.

'To a God Unknown', an original painting by Patrick A Zatloukal -MyArt, was selected by the National Lipedema Association as the chosen artwork for their official logo and is now displayed on all of their letterheads, business cards and other official paperwork.

We are now actively marketing our original artwork, as well as limited rights to the reproduction of existing pieces, to companies looking for new pieces to add to their decorative commercial lines.

We will no longer be doing many of the 'signature pieces' that are easily identified with Zatloukal Original Art, as they were exclusive to the year 2005. We will be offering new pieces that are exclusive to 2006, beginning in January.

Look for new and exciting things from the Zatloukal Original Art Group in 2006.

The Zatloukal Original Artists

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Holidays from the Zatloukal Art Group

Happy Holidays from all of the artists with the Zatloukal Original Art Group!

It has been quite a year!!!

We have endured ongoing health problems with one of our artists, Patrick E. Zatloukal-PEZ ART. He is currently "on break" from the radiation and chemotherapy in his battle against lung and bladder cancer and he will resume the chemotherapy treatments in January of 2006.

In spite of the toll this has had on the entire group, we have managed to have a very good year with our art sales. All of us have had very few paintings go unsold and we have almost nothing to carry over into the new year. All in all, it has been a pretty good year, artistically speaking, and we can only pray for an even better year next year!
We wish everyone who reads our blog a wonderful Holiday Season and the very best in the New Year!