Friday, August 19, 2005

Shipping Questions Answered....

We have recently received numerous questions about when paintings are going to be shipped. As we state in our online auction shipping and handling information, we do not ship until 7-10 days after we receive payment for a painting. This is not 7-10 days after the auction is ended. We state this again, when we respond to the payment received notification.

Due to the large number of paintings our group sells each week, we are only able to ship once or twice each week. We are sorry, but we just cannot ship any more often than this or we would not have paintings to sale.

For a complete article about shipping and handling questions, please see the article in our Art Notes blog.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Patrick E. Zatloukal Surgery Scheduled

Patrick E. Zatloukal's surgery, originally scheduled on June 29th, had to be postponed due to a heart attack he suffered on June 28th. He has mended sufficiently that the doctors feel they can go ahead with the cancer surgery on August 29th.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Blog Notes and Articles Not as Frequent

Now that we have started listing most of our paintings in Contemporary-American Art on eBay, we have gotten much busier. As a result, our time available to post notes and articles here has become less. We will certainly make every effort to post something several times a week, if we can, and always if there is information we feel needs to be passed along to everyone who is interested!
Be sure to look at the new and very exciting paintings that are now coming from all of the Zatloukal Original Artists!

Monday, August 08, 2005

ZATLOUKAL ORIGINAL ART now in contemporary art on eBay

We are beginning to feature more of our listings under the Contemporary Art category than under Self Representing Art. Go to Contemporary-American-Original Listed by Artist ---or search ZOA in art.

The rewards of being a member of the Zatloukal original art group

Current eBay listing by Jaime Zatloukal Best.
Because the ZATLOUKAL ORIGINAL ART GROUP is not just
a group of artist but also a family we share rewards other people don't
really think about.
1st - The sharing of ideas
Because we know each other so well naturally we also know each others art styles.
Many of my newest works were indeed share thoughts and ideas brought to life after
a time of thoughtful consideration. This part of the whole artistic experience is not only educational but time shared together.
2nd - The kind but needed criticisms
There have been plenty of times when myself or another zoa member has needed this. The hours spent trying to prefect a work of art can leave the artist blind to the one thing that can make a good painting, great. Lucky for us we are there for each other to sometimes catch that needed something.
3rd - spotting of opportunity
Where one artist alone might miss an ad for a show or a great charity we can all take part in
with many artist we catch most all of that.
4th - art for everyone
Selling together has of course the advantage of appealing to a larger more diverse population.

Artistic quote of the week - by Edward Hopper

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."
by Edward Hopper

I don't think I can add much to this quote. I have been told that, 'a writer writes because he/she has to write.'

The same is true of an artist. Creating something from nothing is something we have to do or life does not have all the meaning we seek.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Be Very Careful

This painting, " A SQUARE COMPOSITION" is a painting by Jaime Zatloukal Best. It is both original and now listed online.

There is currently someone claiming to be an "artist" selling paintings that may or may not exist and if they do exist they are certainly not his own. Be very careful if you run across him. He is very happy to take your money, but rarely, if ever, delivers a painting. He is currently selling these paintings on eBay, so be sure to check the feedback comments before you place a bid with him. This is the third time (that we know of) in six months that the same person, or group of people, have set up this 'scam' on eBay. Very soon after they are kicked off, they are right back on as a 'new seller'.

I have written a brief article entitled, 'Buyer Beware' and another article 'Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying Original Art Online', both of which can be found at our 'Art Notes' blog site. These articles are both quite brief, but very informative, and include things to look for when you are looking for legitimate sellers versus scam artists online.

It is very difficult to establish ourselves as credible and viable professional artists through online venues, so when someone comes along to try to tear this credibility down, I tend to get very upset!