Thursday, June 30, 2005

Update on Patrick E. Zatloukal (PEZ ART)

In 1998, Patrick E. Zatloukal suffered a heart attack and had to undergo an emergency procedure to have a stent placed in an obstructed artery in his heart. In spite of a few brief episodes, he recovered quickly and his health remained quite good until August 2004 when he had another attack and doctors discovered the stent had collapsed.
Doctors reinforced the collapsed stent and placed a second one in the artery for added protection.
In May of 2005, he was diagnosed with a small tumor in his bladder and a fistful of kidney stones in both kidneys. Surgery was scheduled for June 29th, however, because of the blood thinning properties in aspirin he needed to quit taking his daily aspirin regimen ten days prior to surgery.
June 28th he was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered a blood clot in one of the stents, restricting blood flow to the heart. (A direct result of being without the daily aspirin regimen.)
The blood clot has been dissolved, he is back on blood thinners and aspirin and surgery is postponed for, at least, 4 to 6 weeks to give his heart time to heal enough to withstand the bladder surgery.
There are other health issues that doctors have just found, but we remain optimistic that everything will work out as soon as doctors are able to learn more and resolve those issues.
While he is recovering from all of this, he is hoping to be able to continue to create some new works of art, but as for doing the packing and shipping, those duties may have to be redelegated to those of us who are less 'expert' at this fine art he has perfected.
We hope that the collectors of 'PEZ ART' will look forward to some of the new pieces of art he will be creating in the coming weeks, as well as the few pieces he currently has listed on Ebay.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hello from Zatloukal original artist Jaime Best

I would like to take the time to introduce myself and Best art studios .

I'm Jaime Zatloukal Best a 26 year old self taught artist. Everything I have learned about the creation and expression of art I have learned on my own. I am entirely self taught and draw the inspiration for my art from my travels, experiences and thoughts about everyday life. I paint in many different styles and techniques, using acrylic paints, as well as textures and other mediums. As an artist, I feel the need to keep exploring, searching, and learning new things so that I am not confined or restricted to one style, type or genre of art and painting. I create and sell my art work on a daily bases along with my husband Mike.

I'm the daughter of Patrick E. and Charlene Zatloukal the creators of the

Zatloukal Original Art Group

I have been creating works of art for most of my life. I traveled abroad for a few years many of these adventures were funded by the sales of my art. I however did not make this full time until October of 2004. When my heath did not permit my return to the 9-5 I had been working. With the help of the collectors of my work and an understanding husband I have been able to pursue a life long dream of living for my art.

Anyway that's enough about me for a little while.

I'd like to talk about the art for a while. I have several on going series
such as




Here is a sample of the artwork of Mike Best

Mike is also a 26 year old self taught artist.
Who draws his inspiration for things more realistic than I do.
I won't go to into detail about his life experiences or his likes or dislikes.
I think I'll leave that up to him.
I will say however that he enjoys painting and creating in general.
He also loves to collect toys and play games.
A true "child" inside.
Well that's about all.
Now you know a little more about us.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Our first entry

Hello to our visitors.
Pardon our inexperience and please 'bear with us' as we learn how to 'blog'.
What I wanted to do with this entry is to give everyone a little 'background' about where we are presently, rather than how we got here.
Presently - I am back to working full time as a professional artist and it 'feels great'. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got back to it! I guess that 'goes' with having so many children and grandchildren, not that I mind having such a large family, that feels great too! They are all THE BEST a parent or grandparent could ever want.
Our newest grandbaby, Ava Marie Zatloukal, was born June 7th and she is just WONDERFUL! I'll be posting a picture of her taken just hours after she was born, (if I can figure out how to post pictures.) We are just so proud and SO VERY BLESSED!
Everyone here at home were worried that I wouldn't be back from Spokane Washington, where I was watching over 4 of my other grandchildren while their mother had to go to AZ to undergo some medical tests, in time to be here for Ava's birth. I got back late on the 5th and she was born early the morning of the 7th, so I did cut if very close!
It took me a couple of days to get back to my daily routine of painting and 'taking care of the computer side of business' but I am finally back on track, at least for another week or so. Then, my husband, Patrick E. Zatloukal (PEZ ART), will have to have cancer surgery on June 29th. We aren't sure how that is going to go, or what the course of treatment will be, but I'm sure we'll manage.
We had some sadness in our family the end of May. My husband's sister, Kathy, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. It has been a very difficult month for us, but we are 'hanging in there' as we always seem to do.
In the meantime, my husband is working on some new paintings that are very different from what he has been doing. He loves doing the barren trees and the black and white abstract trees but, he wants to do some works that are a bit more expressive. Hopefully collectors will like them and they will be successful for him. He will have at least a month before he can go back to work part time, so we hope he is able to continue to find new and different ways to 'express himself.'
Patrick A. Zatloukal (MY ART) is our #2 son, our 3rd oldest, and has always been interested in the arts. He has had great success in writing and in the theatre and now in the visual arts. His pieces are very expressive, very typical of his personality. He recently sold a wonderful Tuscan painting, one of his very best, to a soldier who had just returned from Iraq. The lieutenant wrote a very lovely email to let us know how much the painting meant to him, it was very moving. In spite of working a full time job with varying hours, Patrick is able to paint a number of new paintings every week.
Jaime Zatloukal Best is my youngest daughter, our 5th child, and is also working full time as a professional artist. She is 'on her own' and has the Best Art Store on Ebay, with her husband Michael (their signon is jbestart), and while she continues to experiment, she is finding best success with her raindrops series, her element series and her different series of angels. Mike works full time so he is only able to list occasionally, but does have some success with his wonderful 'portrait' style of painting.
We have recently begun to build the 'New Creationz Online Art Gallery' so that we can have a secondary venue for our artwork. We do like being on Ebay and ArtByUs, very much, but there are times we would like to have a little more 'control' about what we put on and how we want to do things. I guess this is a good outlet for our occasional attitudes of rebellion.
Finally, we are the 'media contacts' for the state of Nebraska for the upcoming charity auction 'Bids 4 Kids' to benefit the children of the Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camps. We are waiting for the green light in order to get the ball rolling in Nebraska, but with a family group of artists as we have, there should be enough of us to cover everything in state as soon as we are given permission.
If you haven't gotten totally bored with my 'ramblings' and are still reading - thank you so much for your interest in our art and in who we are as people and artists.
I hope that you will contact us from time to time.
Charlene Zatloukal/ Zatloukal Original Arts/ newcreationz